How to avoid distorting the processing process of stamping parts

How to avoid distorting the processing process of stamping parts

Titan signs of distorting the machining process of stamping parts are due to the impact of tailoring. Because the existence of the gap between the tailoring was stretched on the side of the concave mold and compressed by the convex mold side. Therefore, when the tailoring, the compression raw material is the top priority to prevent stamping parts from distorting!

How to avoid distorting signs? The professional metal stamping supplier and manufacturers here make the following description:

  1. The mold plan is reasonable. Generally speaking, the placement of feeding may also affect the accuracy of the formation of stamping parts. Therefore, for the samples of the micro -stamping parts, we generally place the large punch with a large area, and then place a smaller area. In this way, the impact of underwriting stamping parts.
  2. Tighten raw materials. First of all, be sure to surrender the traditional mold plan. The motion of the material unloading board during stamping is average, and the raw materials may be tight. In the joint form, the unloading board must be inlaid layout.
  3. The end of the budding edge of the convex mold is fixed into a slope or curved. This is a very effective technique of reducing tailoring. The tailoring force is to weaken the stretching force of the concave side -side raw materials, so as to reach the consequences of reaching the consequences and distorted stamping parts.

The processing of stamping parts belongs to the raw material molding engineering technology, which is a processing technique of cold metal deformation. It is one of the main techniques for metal plastic processing. The processing of stamping parts is the driving force of the old case or dedicated stamping equipment to exercise the deformation force to deform the plate in the mold to get the product parts that are inevitable, styles, and functions.

Pay attention to the processing and production situation of stamping parts. When applying pressure machines or molding equipment such as pressure machines, it is necessary to pay attention to the management of the wrap. Can be delivered according to the inevitable gap. It is necessary to check the tightening of the parts of the punching molds, and be careful not to let the setting positions of the formulas be changed, so as to avoid abrasion and compression of the surface of the workpiece, which affects the quality of the workpiece surface. When organizing the original raw materials, the potential must be obeyed, pay attention to the measurement of the size accuracy of the proof, and searched the specifications and trademarks of the original raw materials. It is necessary to regularly comprehensively check the first part of the electrical stamping  parts and then hold the production. Inspection should be strengthened to prevent accidents and prevent work parts and guide parts from worn forever. The incident that should be paid attention to strictly obeying stamping parts should be paid attention to, so as not to cause danger and loss of unnecessary.


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